Friday 2:00 - 4:00pm every two weeks


Age 3 - 6 years / max. 7 children


Costs 50 CHF/2 hours,

incl. snacks and painting/craft material


Feel free to contact me to arrange a trial lesson.

I look forward to get to know you and your child.

Mal- und Bastelspielgruppe

This programme is aimed at sensible, highly sensitive children who prefer a quiet environment and love to express themselves creatively.

The autonomous gaining of experiences, which can be achieved with all the senses is something fundamental for young children and is becoming less and less achievable in our highly structured, highly developed world.

Therefore the Malspielraum offers a variety of creative play and expression possibilities, in a calm and secure atmosphere.

Children can develop their creativity and different skills without being under pressure to perform or to fulfil certain expectations. Supporting and encouraging the individual qualities and resources of each child is my main concern.

The painting playgroup is especially suitable for highly sensitive children. In the kleinen magischen Ort – the room opposite the Malspielraum – they can also enter a world full of wonder and express themselves according to their essence with magical toys, sounds and tales.

  • Morning circle with songs, verses and stories
  • Free painting with a huge selection of paint-pots
  • «Znüni»
  • Fancy and simple handicrafts made of paper, clay, dough, cardboard, wood, cloth and other materials Adapted to the seasons and ideas which the children bring themselves
  • Collective games to playfully sharpen perception and senses
  • Individual play, create, explore and experiment with the «Malspielraum boxes»
  • Inspiring and special toys and picture books, which are of high quality – carefully selected based on functional, aesthetic and educational criteria
  • Enjoying the colorful garden: sowing flowers, watching butterflies, collecting autumn leaves and building snow objects

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